I could spend some of my time a little better.

I'd like to be a tad smarter when it comes to making choices.

I'd probably be happier if I looked at my life in more useful ways some of the time.

Do you ever have thoughts like that?

Are you hungry for doing better?

The Nuggeteria is open for your orders.

We serve the healthiest and most useful snacks on the internet.

Each click on the menu serves a small, tasty and ready-to-go nugget for you to enjoy.

Do you need a mental lift?

Check out the Mood Recovery section.
Do you want to do something useful on your commute or doing choires?

The podcasts and blog posts you’ll find below are prime material.
Do you want to be a smarter human being?

There’re tons of bite-sized nuggets all over this site for you to discover.

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Words of Wisdom

This is a mixed bag of nuggets to chew on if you aim to become a better person or to improve your life in some way.

Some of them are specific and actionable, while others leave more room for application to your life.

If something reasonates with you, come up with an action to take and follow through.

Minimal Maxims

These are short, tweetable answers to their listener's life problems by the Minimalists.

They are two awesome guys that started out sharing their positive experiences of not owning many things.

Over time, they transferred what they learned to all areas in life.

Oblique Strategies

Oblique Strategies were originally published as a physical set of cards.

Each card contained a phrase or cryptic remark which can be used to break a creative deadlock or dilemma situation.

They were designed to help artists and especially musicians, but, with few exceptions, can be applied to any problem which requires creative solutions.

Mood Recovery

Sometimes you just wish you were in a better mood.

Maybe things didn't go the way you wanted. Maybe you are met with unsatisfying behavior from someone else. Or maybe it's just one of those days were it's more difficult for you to leave non-useful thoughts behind you.

This is a collection of quotes you can ponder, things you can try and quirky things to watch in order to change that.

Did you have see a small child go from all-up-in-tears to joyful excitement within seconds? I've seen it happen from just one single input.

We lost a lot of this ability growing up. But we can still change our mood from dark to light grey with the right input. And then we can work from there to get fully back on track.

When Carb Pangs Hit

I try to eat as few carbs as possible in order to lose weight and stay in shape.

But that's hard.

The cravings can literally get into your head.

This is a collection of tips, hacks and techniques which help to get over them.

Business Thoughts

This is a private collection of snippets around business and marketing.

The focus is on idea generation, implementation and future markets

How to Get Rich (Without Being Lucky)

This is a copy of Naval Ravikant's ( Twitter , Profile ) epic tweetstorm on the topic

It's a magnificent piece of work that provides principles on how to become wealthy while being ethical and authentic at all times.

I'm sure capitalism would work a lot better if the majority of people would act accordingly. So his ideas are definitely worth spreading.

Listen to the podcast if you want to get the full depth of each tweet. It's 2.5 hours long, but that's a smart use of time.

Blog Posts

This is a collection of the best blog posts I came across on my journey of self-improvement.

I tried all those methods and they either worked for me or I found reason to believe, that they can work well for other people.

Try things. Keep what works. Discard what doesn't.


First-hand accounts of how successful people became the way they are, are a great resource to learn form.

Because they explain the tools they used so we can use them as well.

These are the podcast episodes I found valuable enough to listen to them again at least once.

Defeat Procrastination

We all procrastinate on certain things. Some more, some less.

But when it gets out of hand, it's a serious issue.

Not only do important things not get done, but it also weighs heavily on your mind, affecting your happiness and overall effectiveness.

This is a set of techniques you can use to get the ball rolling (again).

Weekend Projects

If you feel like you could be a little more productive and waste a little less on your weekends, here's a couple of ideas for you.

Some should be even fun to do.

Especially if you think learning something new is fun (which you totally should).

Things To Do At Work

Instead of relying on management to improve your workplace, how about taking small actions in the right direction yourself.

Imagine everyone did some of these things every now and then. I'm sure your workplaces would look different.

Start yourself and set the tone. Others might just chime in.

Habits Worth Trying

If you want to improve your life, your habits should be the first thing to look at.

Having the right routines in place already goes a long way to being happy and effective.

This is a big list of things you can try to do on the regular in order to enrich your life.

Write About...

This is a stack of short prompts to help you start writing.

They might be helpful to get going on an article for your blog, a self-reflective journal entry or a social media post.

Resources That Help You Focus

This is a bucket full of tools to help you get and stay focused on work.

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